About Anna

Anna GreenWelcome! Spirit Well Holistics is an Ottawa based counselling and energy healing practice. I help people regain balance in their bodies and learn to sooth their minds. I have hands on sessions and also teach people how to do some of the therapiest I offer for themselves. I help you heal disturbances in your energy to feel better, be more present and connected in your daily living. This improved empowerment and calmness tends to spill over into work, family, and relationships benefitting those around you as well. My practical and educational experience is extensive (16+ years) and I honor many teachers who have helped me learn. I am a Certified Canadian Counsellor, Registered Psychotherapist, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, and Craniosacral Therapist. I hope you will browse my site and give me a call to speak about how I can be of service. (613-295-9987). Take a look at my Writings here http://spiritwell.ca/writings

People come to Spirit Well for a variety of reasons:

At Spirit Well Holistics Ottawa, I help people reclaim their power through light and engaging playful exploration of core beliefs, emotional history, physical ailments and malaise using bottom-up body centered therapies. 

How I work:

  • My process is one of listening, seeing and supporting your goals. An Initial visit will include an assessment and discuss what challenges you face in meeting your goals and aspirations. Using a high level of intuition and experience, I work collaboratively with you to decide which modalities are best suited to bring you results.

  • You may immediately notice an improved awareness and harmony with the body-mind. As healing progresses, you may decide to augment sessions with various workshops or classes. Similarly, you may decide to add in alternative and complementary services such as personalized Aromatherapy and/or Bach Flower remedies to assist your journey toward wellness.

  • I take time to develop sincere, trusting relationships with you. I provide a level of safety in the process of healing that allows old wounds to release, new Insights to emerge, and patterns of physical malaise or emotional distress to disappear. Once this level of body-mind stability is achieved, we begin to play in the realm of possibility which is only limited by your engagement and imagination.