Anna's Writings

I was originally asked by a health magazine to write about one of my Reiki experiences and this resulted in the story entitled "Small Miracles`" detailing my Mother's experience with Reiki. After its publication, my father, who has been telling stories all of his life, encouraged me to write more. My writing is a way of teaching which feels natural to me following my long history as a technical writer and software teacher. I write when spirit moves me to do so about topics that spirit presents. I hope you will enjoy reading them and find some small nugget of gold for yourself.

Grandmother Talks

Hina na ho ho henay, Hina na ho ho henay, this line from the familiar song by Susan Aglukark ran through my head as I presented myself to the guides and grandmothers. My question to them was, “what would you tell me about menopause”? They were silent except for the song, waiting and watching what I would do. “Is she afraid to get out of that chair do you think? Can she see us here?” “Singing is what is needed - vibration and waves.” 

Child who comes with the Dawn - A reiki story

photo of mother and babyWhen I arrived at the hospital things were already in progress: mom was naked and clearly in labour. The barriers of "who can see me naked" had fallen away as the process of birthing a child stepped up. My own experience with this was now eight years old but I remembered the process of going into my inner world with every new contraction.

Woman Nation

photo of mom and child

"You are from the Woman Nation - that requires no further introductions." 

Women are powerful. Ask anyone who has raised children, or worked two jobs, or pulled an all nighter to meet a deadline at work. Where does that power come from? It comes from the inside - from our spirit.