Anna's Writings

I was originally asked by a health magazine to write about one of my Reiki experiences and this resulted in the story entitled "Small Miracles`" detailing my Mother's experience with Reiki. After its publication, my father, who has been telling stories all of his life, encouraged me to write more. My writing is a way of teaching which feels natural to me following my long history as a technical writer and software teacher. I write when spirit moves me to do so about topics that spirit presents. I hope you will enjoy reading them and find some small nugget of gold for yourself.

A Red Path Primer

Beliefs vary among tribes but most believe in a Creator or Great Spirit creating the world and forces of nature. Creation stories, often retold at the quickening time of year (spring) and harvest (autumn) illustrate this. 

Heyoka - my experience with a modern trickster

"It’s over now. You’re finished. Your work together is done.” The face of a grandmother floated in front of my older sister’s as she spoke these words. I listened hearing the double voice and seeing the Grandmother clearly. This was the third person to say these exact words to me. Finally, I listened but it was hard to let go. I’d been so enmeshed in the mystery of the man who was a modern day heyokah. 

Wolf is Walking

photo of wolf

On Tuesday it was rainy, cold and a wind whipped up the waves of my emotions as I traveled down highway 416 towards Brockville. My feelings waxed and waned from intense to nonexistent. Was this a hormone day or was I hiding from my fear of losing my dad? Visits these days are both joyful and hard. I bask in the bounty of my lineage, my home, and my family but I also must face the hard facts: the uncertainty and finiteness of life.