The Universe breathes through me

photo of universeAs I awoke this morning I was reminded of standing on my great great-grandmother’s grave yesterday morning. I could have stayed there all day long or just sat down and slept. It felt so good. Never before have I felt so solid in an energy source. It was like a signature key that belonged to me, and my DNA knew it. I was encompassed, surrounded and held by the universal force including hundreds of my ancestral family members. They spoke in their own ways, and I responded in mine.


The wind was cold and biting as I climbed the slippery, toppled steps to the cemetery by the side of a highway. Most of the gravestones were submerged, fallen with tops just surfacing the ground. Getting my bearings, I walked to a five-foot pillar with a pyramid on top. My sister found it first and remarked, “Here they are.” 

I hadn’t brought my drum or tobacco or anything. I hadn’t planned this visit. All I had was fresh spring water I had collected and blessed. I emptied the water encircling the gravesite. I washed the ground watering it and giving them a drink. I used my hands to feel the energy of the ground. It was very easy to feel that there was no energy on one side of the grave marker. Additionally, there were little footstones with the initials A.E. and J.E. to mark Anna Earl and John Earl. 

My sister and I spent some time reading the grave marker. She discovered markings on the back of the gravestone that were very faded. Using my fingers to see I felt the letters that revealed their son was buried with them. Three ancestors.

We scanned the ground with our hands sensing the energy. It was very strong and with my eyes closed I could feel some places were denser than others. Quickly my left hand began to pulse and jump. At first I thought it was just the cold but my right hand didn’t move. I felt like I was receiving and then my sister’s hand began to pulse also: the same hand. We stood transfixed and fascinated as we received our ancestor’s transmission. It went on for some minutes and neither of us moved. Then the energy shifted from sending to being able to receive and I began to clean and nourish the space. I gave back to my ancestors what I could – the universal energy of reiki. 


My great great-grandmother lived to be 72 years old. She was born in 1840, had six pregnancies, and seven children. I thought about her life and what it might have been like. How she transformed over the years from herself to my great-great grandmother. As I left the grave, I felt stronger and surer of myself. I knew I was more than the sum of my parts. My ancestors are part of me. I resolved to come back and revisit them with my daughter so she could also feel the energy of her ancestors. Yesterday, the universe breathed a sigh through me. I was awed, overwhelmed and honored. I cried.