photo of grasslands

The wind blowing over the sweet grass at the evening of the day 

sunset and the smell of hay 

The fire whose smoke fills my hair 

while flickering light 

dances flames 

to look deep 

a way to meditate 

The dusk and with it comes 

the smell so familiar of the deepest well 

and a river 

whose banks are calling me home 

The longing for times gone past 

so far in a boat with my Dad 

and little dog 

whose ears would whisper in the breeze 

and put his nose up to the air 

drinking in smells I could not smell 

The dark coming on at the end of the day 

a magnificent sunset paving the way 

the cold night air chilling me to be still 

and wishing for shore and familiar lights 

Trusting my guide would get me home 

to warmth and bed – familiar things 

Just to long tomorrow 

for the smell of the air that 

fills my soul as it blows past 

reminding me of 

who I am 

I am the earth 

calling out to reclaim myself 

when my human walk is done 

I am the ether of nothingness 

and oneness that fills all creation 

reuniting me with that 

which is myself 

the divine 


Dedicated to the loving memory of Gillian Ewing